4 Exciting & New Pinterest Updates

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Pinterest Updates

Have you logged into your Pinterest account recently? Pinterest has made some exciting new updates and BIG changes! I can’t wait to share the new Pinterest updates with you.

I am including photos with examples for you to see what I am talking about. Or you can hop on over to the She Sells Studios Pinterest page and check these changes out for yourself.

Slider Showcase

pinterest slider

The first change you will notice is Pinterest added a Slider Showcase that features 5 of your boards of your choice. We highly recommend choosing your top 5 boards or the boards that are popular for the current season. You can change your featured boards as often as you would like.

pinterest slider options

The next change you will notice is Pinterest changed the sizes of the boards and the board cover graphics. If you have board covers you will need to resize the graphics to fit the new boards.

Tip: The board cover and the first graphic on the upper right are the same image. The reason is because the smaller graphics show what your last pins were to that board. To prevent a double of the cover image you will want to pin 4 additional items after you pin your board cover graphic.

Board Cover Graphics

The good news is the board covers are now square. The covers were previously rectangular on a desktop and square on a mobile device. (For those of us, that are Type-A and want everything just right, it was a pain.)

The board cover graphics are universally square across all devices and are sized at 200 x 200px. Please note, the cover graphics can be bigger, as long as the graphics are square.

pinterest covers

Tip: Board covers help make your Pinterest boards look more organized and appealing.


Tried It

The Tried It! Button is the newest feature I am the most excited about. In order to use this feature, first click on the pin and then near the top you will see a “Tried It” Button next to the Send Button.

Our Tried It! Button is between the Send Button and the Tailwind Schedule Button. (Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduler. If you don’t have Tailwind, you won’t have this Schedule Button.*)

New Pinterest Tried It! Button

When you click the Tried It! Button to say you have tried this pin a new window will open. Next, in the new window you can tell others how your experience was. As a result, you can rate the pin with a “Loved it” smiley or a “Not for me” frown. You can also leave a note or tip and attach a photo.

Pintrest Tried it! Button Review Box

Of course, you are probably asking yourself, “Now where do I find these reviews and the people who have tried it?” Did you notice the little check marks with a number that are now listed to the right of the pin count?

Pinterest Tried It! Notification

The check mark represents having tried it and the number is the quantity of people who have hit the button. All you have to do is click on the check mark to view the people who have tried it and read the reviews they left.

Pinterest Tried It Review

Tip: Go in and explore pins that have the Tried It! Button. You can even do a She Sells Sister a favor and leave feedback on pins you have tried.

Loved it or Not for you

What else have you noticed has changed on Pinterest? Which changes do you hope stay and what do you hope goes away?

Happy Pinning!

*Please note Tailwind is an affiliate link. By clicking on the Tailwind link you will be provided a 1 month FREE trial and we will receive 1 month of free services! A win-win if you ask us.

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