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She Sells Studios is a place for entrepreneurs to come together, get inspired, and learn how to be even more successful in their business. Started by two friends who wanted to share the lessons and knowledge they learned along the way of running their own business, we will provide resources and tips through blog posts and guest experts, and services to help you focus more on your business, your family, and yourself.

She Sells Studios

As moms and wives running our own business, we know it takes knowledge in various fields to be successful. Not only do you need to be an expert in your specific field, but you also need to be an expert in accounting and business, marketing, design, PR, photography, and so much more. Owning your own business can be stressful, scary, and overwhelming.

Our goal is to help all entrepreneurs achieve success within all aspects of their lives.

We have created six studios that we feel are important to every business owner:
Business, Design, Social Media, Blogging, Photography, and Home

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3 Must Know Tips to a Cohesive Social Media Brand Strategy

A COHESIVE BRAND STRATEGY As a graphic designer, everything needs to be visually appealing to me. It's important for my brand to have a cohesiveness throughout all of my marketing, especially my social media. I've helped create branding for social media while Rae...
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3 Simple Steps to Maximizing Your Productivity

One of my goals for 2017 is to increase my productivity. For me, a lot of valuable time was wasted in 2016 by going with the flow and spending countless hours on Facebook. (I swear Facebook is a black hole and once you get sucked in there is no getting out.) I am...
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4 Exciting & New Pinterest Updates

Rae shares the new updates Pinterest made: from new board cover size to a tried it button! Read more to see how you can incorporate these changes to your Pinterest account to help improve your social media marketing!

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holiday time management

How To Manage Your Time During the Holidays

Do you spend every Christmas fighting to get your business in order for the next year that you forget to enjoy the holidays? Read these seven tips on how to better your time management for the holiday season.

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The 5 Step Plan to Killing It On Your Blog Post

Elna Cain from Twins Mommy blog explains why creating a blog post is more than just your writing. Learn her 5 steps to making a killer blog post.

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What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant can be a smart move for your business. A virtual assistant can help you complete some tasks so you can focus more on your sales.

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Featured Business: Sincerely Yours FL

Meet Etsy seller Leanne from Sincerely Yours, FL as she juggles a family, a new baby, a full time job, and a new entrepreneurial store on Etsy.com.

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A Not So Happy Holiday: Managing Stress, Grief, and Anxiety

Holidays not only bring a time of cheer, but it can also bring you stress, grief, and anxiety. Learn how you can manage these emotions during the holiday.

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